Police Commissioner misinterpreting Ghanaian proverbs to justify his support for police corruption

Wonders, indeed, will never end. In a shameless attempt to justify his support for the worldwide known Ghana police corruption, Commissioner of Police (COP) Nathan Kofi Boakye, alias Commander One, decides to rubbish some centuries-old Akan proverbs. COP Nathan Kofi Boakye for the last time I checked was the Head of the Legal and Prosecution Service of the Ghana Police. He has a postgraduate degree in Administration and also, he is a barrister at law.

One would expect him to live above reproach but unfortunately, he has come across not only as a defender of police corruption but himself as a corrupt person. This fact is established by virtue of his pronouncements and actions taken in defence of the police corruption and in regards to the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute when he was the DCOP in charge of the Ashanti region.

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