In Ghana, Bribe Givers Are Not Corrupt -The Noguchi Covid Positive-Negative Saga

I have followed Mr Kofi Acheampong and Noguchi Memorial’s covid positive to negative test saga. And I am extremely concerned with some of the comments I have seen and heard on social media praising the ‘heroic act’ of Mr Acheampong.

About 95% of the comments, I have seen and heard on social media seem to apportion all the blames to Noguchi. I am not going to add to it apart from my concern that I do not understand why no arrest has been made up to this point. Why the Ghana CID have not sent a high-powered investigating team to Noguchi Memorial Institute. In a pandemic, which is sweeping across the world, I think this singular evidence of criminal act and breach of trust and confidence should receive a national priority.

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