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Mike Ohene-Effah: The Missing Manifesto

All the major political parties have launched their manifestoes for the December general elections.

This is highly commendable as it largely makes the campaigns issues-based…hopefully.

A manifesto is a declaration of aims and policy. It asks the question, “What do you believe?” It is supposed to be a party’s central policy document, and the political parties must be commended for making good progress on this since 1992, though we are increasingly seeing a shift to a litany of promises, projects and programmes in party manifestoes.

To begin with, various academics and governance experts in Ghana have raised issues with what the focus, content and size of political party manifestoes should be.

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It takes ‘debt-free’ politicians to fight corruption

What does it take to curtail corruption in a country like Ghana?

I reckon it will take volumes to address this “pandemic” but before politicians look for a cheap antidote by pointing fingers at their opponents within and outwit their political parties, I suggest they start to look within their own political policies and processes of how people are elected to become members of parliaments(MP).

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