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Corruption Watch Ghana is an intervention dedicated to addressing the problem of the lack of sustained action against public corruption with the support of the Strengthening Action Against Corruption (STAAC) project, a DFID funded programme and the STAR-Ghana project.

Our goal is to reduce the high levels of corruption in Ghana. Accordingly, the project will seek to:

  • sustain media action against corruption for a continuous CSO action in anti-corruption investigation and prosecutorial bodies responsiveness, transparency and accountability in the fight against corruption’
  • support and sustain efforts at anti-corruption institutional reform
  • incentivize anti-corruption-related behavioural change among public officers and citizens.

The Corruption Watch

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We seek to change public officer and citizen attitude towards corruption and to promote a positive attitude towards integrity.


We advocate for stiffer punishment for officials who engage in public corruption. This is expected to serve as deterrent to other people and make public corruption a highly unattractive pursuit.


Lack of sustained interest in exposed incidents of corruption results in non-investigation and sanction of corrupt officials and huge loss to the public purse. It is therefore important to publicise corruption cases and follow up on them to their logical conclusion.


We strive to make sure that the corrupt opportunities that were created or taken advantage off by corrupt individuals are closed. In this regard we aim to persistently advocate for tightening loose anti-corruption rules and strengthening weak rules ones.


Financial loss to the state resulting from corrupt practice should not be treated lightly due to its negative impacts on society, especially on the poor and vulnerable. It is therefore important to send a message to corrupt individuals that if they steal from the people they will be made to pay pack every cedi with interest.

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