Government told to strictly demand asset declaration from officials

The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) has underscored the need to demand a strict and explicit asset declaration from government officials before and after their service to the Nation.

It said the feasible move would help hold the officials accountable, make them transparent, strengthen the asset declaration law and in that trail curtail the surge of corruption in the Country.

Mr. Bright Sowu, the head of programmes at GACC underscored the need for the government to explicitly demand verification monitoring, publication of assets and sanctioning where any false information was given.

He said this in a discussion on ‘Governance challenges’ during a stakeholder consultative meeting organised by the GACC to solicit for ideas and opinions on some key challenges from recognized public, private and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in the Central Region.

Mr Sowu called for a collective efforts by all to reform Government’s deficits by airing out views and opinions to better change the narrative.

He said the concept of citizenship was for individuals to be active entity who would freely engage in Governmental processes, throw light on its activities and hold authorities accountable rather than waiting to follow the government’s dished out ideas.

The Programmes head said “approaching the sensitive corridors of power” would help redesign the Government architecture better, promote democracy and help reduce corruption in the Country.

He said the meeting was important because it would allow the three arms of government to know where and how their decisions and processes affected the populace and how best it could be amended to impact the lives of the general populace.

Responding to stakeholders challenges associated with funds for Persons with Disability (PWDs), Mr Sowu noted that to be able to hold authorities accountable, letters from the District Assembly Common Fund Administrators must capture the exact amount allocated to PWDs in every release.

He called for a collective effort by all to reform Government deficit by airing out views and opinions to better change the narrative and said the concept of good citizenship was an active entity to freely engage in national dialogue and live responsibly.

On campaign financing, Dr. Mark Nii Lamptey, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ghana also recommended that Government put a cap on funds for politicians to avoid overspending.

He noted that the state must consider funding election campaigns which he believed would help curb the menace of corruption since politicians would have no reason to recoup their lost funds after winning elections.

Mr. George Frimpong, the Regional President of the Association of PWDs, re-echoed calls to hold authorities accountable by ensuring letters for the DACF Administrators captured the exact amount allocated to PWDs in every release.

Source: businessghana.com

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