Dissolved GIJ secretary withdraws GHC 50,000 from students accounts as prez stashes GHC 30,000

Information available to YTimes indicates that the defunct GIJ SRC Executive, led by the interim President, Alimatu Quaye, has withdrawn GH¢50, 000 from the SRC Account to allegedly pay for the cost of providing free data for the student body.

However, payment for the data was not made but only a portion of the amount, GH¢20, 000 has been re-deposited into the student account.

This move happened on Friday, 12th February 2020 barely 24 hours after Management of the Institute issued a directive that the appointed interim executive should desist from carrying themselves as the legitimate Executive Committee of the GIJ SRC. The directive was given because, according to management the current leadership were not properly inducted into office.

“Appointment of students to hold office as SRC leaders is alien to the SRC Constitution and in any case did not follow the procedure for the selection of student leaders as stipulated in the SRC Constitution,” the statement said. It has now been discovered that the dissolved executive defied the order from management not to carry themselves as representatives of GIJ students and went ahead to withdraw a sum of GH¢ 50, 000 from the SRC account. Deep throat sources within Management disclosed that the Dean of Students, Mrs. Rhodaline Amartey, had a phone conversation with the officials of Fidelity Bank, where the SRC Account is hosted, to enquire the state of the account only to be met with the news that unsanctioned withdrawals had been done. She then placed a call to the now defunct Financial Secretary, Ishmael Awudi, who confirmed the withdrawal. Upon her order that the money be re-deposited immediately, she was told that GH¢30, 000 of the sum withdrawn was in the possession of Alimatu Quaye, the defunct interim President.

Ishmael has since deposited the GH¢20, 000, which was with him, back into the account, as evidenced by the receipt attached below. Commenting on the issue, former Financial Secretary, Ishmael Awudi and former General Secretary, Bryan Acheampong, explained that the withdrawal was supposed to be payment for the Vodafone SIM Cards meant to provide free data for students to make the online classes much easier for students. The payment, however, is yet to be made.

“I won’t lie to you, any executive who says that the GH¢50, 000 was not withdrawn is a liar. I’ve told you that I will never do anything to dent my image and bring disgrace to my God. We withdrew the money to pay for the Vodafone data that we promised students. Honestly, before the communique from management, we had advanced in the Vodafone deal. The only thing we were waiting for was the Introduction Letter from the school. But the people said if we had the money, we do the transaction and provide the documents later. So that’s why we did the withdrawal,” Bryan stated emphatically.

After seeing the circular from Management on Thursday, the defunct executive decided to disregard it because, according to them, the document was dated two days earlier and did not have the letterhead of the Institute.

They resolved to carry themselves as SRC Executive until they saw an official communique. The official information was circulated to students last Friday, 12th February around midday. But by that time, the Ghc 50,000 withdrawal had been made. According to the defunct Financial Secretary, the money was split and kept between the President and the Financial Secretary.

“The thing is that we needed to pay for the Vodafone data. That’s why we went to withdraw the money [GH¢50, 000]. So that Friday, Alima and I and the General Secretary went to the bank and then we took the money from the account. But Alima suggested that we keep GH¢30, 000 in her account and she gave GH¢20, 000 to keep for expenses. She asked if I had an account, but I told her my account was at a different bank,” Ishmael explained.

However reacting to the development in an exclusive interview with YTimes, defunct interim President, Alima explained that the money was only in her account as a safety measure. “The students’ money is in my personal account not because of any personal interest. We had reasons for withdrawing the money. You remember there was a communique that we were going to provide data. The total money initially in our budget was GH/¢50 000. We initially projected 5000 students. And the data was going to cost 10ghc per head. So we got a report from the accounts [department] and doing our rough calculation we realised that the approximated number of students were 3000 plus. So it means that, if we are to do the payment of 50, 000, then there is misappropriation of funds. So, like I’m saying 30,000 was for the data and then 20, 000 was kept for administrative expenses,” she stated. Meanwhile, the Dean of Students has so far declined all offers to comment but is following the matter keenly.

Source: Efo Korku Mawutor (The YTimes)

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