CDD-Ghana to petition CHRAJ over corruption allegations against Deputy MASLOC CEO

The Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has disclosed that it will petition the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to further probe corruption allegations leveled against Deputy CEO of Masloc, Abibata Shani Mahama Zakaria.

According to the Centre’s Corruption Watch arm and it’s partners, there is evidence following investigations that the Deputy CEO of MASLOC breached the provisions of the Constitution when she distributed public funds to supporters of the governing NPP during the party’s primaries last month.

CDD-Ghana believes CHRAJ should further investigate the matter because, during their investigations, she admitted to committing the offence.

“Clearly, this is an issue of conflict of interest, abuse of office and there is a need for further investigations into the matter especially when the woman herself has admitted that she actually used the funds for that purpose.

“If you look at our Constitution, it indicates that ‘a public officer shall not position himself where his/her personal interest conflicts or is likely to conflict with the performance of the functions of his/her office,” Head of the Ghana Integrity Initiative Linda Ofori-Kwafo said on JoyNews’ Newsnite.

The Corruption Watch investigations revealed the Deputy CEO of MASLOC engaged in an act of vote-buying by giving incentives to induce voters during the NPP primaries.

Abibata Zakaria has, however, justified her actions by indicating that persons who took the loans are eligible.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of the State Enterprises Commission (SEC) Stephen Asamoah Boateng has jumped to her defense. According to him, Mrs Zakaria is right because she gave the money to eligible applicants.

“I’m not sure she gave it to them as an inducive. I’m not too sure she did unless there’s evidence to prove that. Unless you tell me that the people in Yendi didn’t have the right to apply unless you tell me they are not paying back. Unless you say it’s free money,” Mr Asamoah Boateng argued.

Reacting to this, Linda Ofori Kwafo described the comments as unfortunate.

“I think when we are applying the law, we should not just look at what the law says and whether your actions or your act is actually in line in what the law says.

“I think this is explanation is not acceptable and for me, I’m so surprised she’s still at post. We should investigate this matter and if there’s any sanctions that need to be meted out, we should. And I was expecting the head of SEC to condemn her actions and not rather, sort of justify what she did,” she added.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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