IHRC To Partner CHRAJ To Deal With Corruption And Human Rights Violations

The call for a close collaboration between the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) was made on Friday, 12th June 2020 by Prof. Michael Kwateng. Prof. Kwateng, the Chairman/Special Envoy to Ghana made the call during a familiarization visit to the CHRAJ by the IHRC-Ghana.

The Chairman of CHRAJ, Mr. Joseph Whittal who welcomed the team from the UN-affiliated body expressed his delight in fostering a partnership with an international body such as the IHRC. Mr. Joseph Whittal intimated that his outfit focuses on socio-economic policies which directly affect the basic needs of people, especially the vulnerable in society – for instance, policies on women empowerment. He indicated that “the Commission is very committed to ensuring that policies are positively affecting the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian.” He revealed that in spite of all the work the commission does regarding human rights protection, such issues receive less coverage from the media. He also mentioned inadequate funding as the Commission’s major challenge.

Mr. Joseph Whittal added that the IHRC’s partnership was a move in the right direction. He and his deputies pledged their full collaboration with the IHRC in their common mission of human right protection.

Professor Kwateng expressed his gratitude to the management of CHRAJ for the warm reception. He revealed that IHRC and CHRAJ believe in the same vision and values, except that IHRC is an international organization that reports to the UN Secretary General through UN High Commissioner on Human Rights. He noted that “the IHRC command great respect and is highly recognized worldwide because of its leading role in the fight against human rights violations.”

Prof. Kwateng said there was the need for IHRC to partner CHRAJ to work towards a common goal, especially in their fight against corruption and human rights violations. He also disclosed to CHRAJ that through the International Human Rights College, the IHRC would organize education and training of IHRC programmes to Human Rights Activists and institutions to enhance their skills and knowledge in dealing with human rights related issues.

He further advised CHRAJ to intensify their collaborations with workers unions and civil society organizations to identify and deal with human rights issues.

Source: modernghana.com

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