Ghana’s Education Is The Root Of Ghana’s Corruption…Ghana’s Major Challenge

Education they say is the key to success. But in my opinion, education in the case of Ghana is the root cause of corruption in Ghana.

In Ghana, one of the major challenges facing the implementation of political and other policies is Corruption. Many including political governments are greatly affected by this practice. For this reason, those affected try to curb the menace without knowing and possibly tracing the root cause.

To ascertain the root cause, I think there should have been enough “contact tracing” as in the case of the Coronavirus. Many corrupt persons have made so many contacts and have infested those they made contact with.

This earlier allusion cannot be said without looking at Ghana’s Education. For individuals to come out to qualify to officially serve the nation, they might have received different sorts of Education from different institutions(that’s where contacts begin).

Starting from the Senior High School, the current government who noticed that most students in SHS level are made to pay for “extra classes fee” and as a result, place a ban on it. Some Senior High Schools in the country have therefore changed the subject for “extra classes” to “intervention” and still collecting the related fees. Aside from this, there are some hidden charges. These SHS students complete and enter the Tertiary. Another contact. Before one can even gain admission in some or probably most of the Tertiary institutions, they would have to pay some sums of money to officials who in most cases work in the institutions or have “links”. After admission and during the period of ones education, there are so much to talk about in the case money. Some from departments, individual educational workers or sometimes the institution itself. A lot of unapproved bills, and others charges.

The Universities, Technical Universities, Training Institutions etc have made so many contacts. These students from the various Tertiary institutions only comfort themselves with “it shall be my turn” statement. Is that not obvious? Imagine when such students cry within and have this in mind, what will they do when they secure a job. They will definitely pay back themselves all that went into their education except few faithfuls.

In fact, bribery and corruption start right from ones bid to get educated. There are so many corrupt educational workers who in turn are role model for their students. For all I know, “behavior is learnt” and behavior is indeed the product of learning. That is to say that one grows up to become corrupt when they have contact with corrupt persons.

Any political government who wish to curb corruption can better do tackling it from the education sector. The provision of Education is rather ruining our country.

I will therefore appeal to the stakeholders of Education to give it a watch and possibly conduct investigations into the provision of Education in the country.

Students hold information.

Student are crying.

Student can cause changes.

Curb corruption, tackle it from Colleges of Education, Universities, Nursing Training Institutions etc.


Source: Asamoah Eric (modernghana.com)

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