Where lies the hope?

The state of affairs of our nation is a cause of worry and concern to every concerned citizen. This worries naturally raises the question, where lies the hope of this country as corruption engulf the entire social, political, economic and cultural institutions of this country; the very institutions mandated to make things right for our own betterment.

The family which is the basic unit of the society is mandated to procreate and socialize its members to become well-disciplined citizens of the society. However, the family itself needs to be socialized and disciplined as corruption hovers and smells around the family.

Most parents relent and neglect their responsibility towards their children. Parents who are role models for their children engage in smoking, drinking and barbaric behavior in the house.

Parents who are to inculcate moral values in the children are rather demoralized, hence losing the moral courage to shape the behavior of their children. The family is corrupt because its very foundation was or is fornication which results in pregnancy and that translates into the family with a single parent and abandoned children. So I ask, where lies the hope?

Education is considered as a major hope for every society since it’s a major force for social change. However, the school that is mandated to educate the children suffers from corruption. Now education has been reduced to examination and the school skillfully trains students to be smart in cheating during examination.

The result is the production of 1st class graduates who are enemies to service due to incompetency but highly skillful and specialists in corruption. So I ask again, where lies the hope?

The security agencies whom we have signed a social contract to offer protection to the public also suffers from corruption. From the recruitment process to the six months training of police personnel reflects their behavior on the field as we see them demanding and extracting pesewas from the public in exchange for occupational dignity. These personnel who are to be the friends of the public in combatting crimes are rather enemies of the public and accomplice of criminals in committing crimes. Again where lies the hope?

The political class whom we have entrusted with the entire resources of the country are also not free from corruption. These resources are to be used in the interest of the country and for the betterment of the public. However, the masses suffer in pains and miraculously manage their lives with an unimaginable meager income, as the political class ride in their luxurious air-conditional cars and enjoy the warmth of classic mansions with unnecessary bonuses. These people who are paid to serve the public are rather being served.

The fruits of public sweat are shared on the bases of political affiliation and family lineage. So I repeat, where lies the hope?

When all hopes are lost, individuals will begin to manage their own affairs by providing their personal security, demanding personal justice and controlling resources. This will results in chaos society and the ultimate effect will be the likes of the story of Rwanda, Liberia or Congo, and generations will never forgive us. Therefore let strive for what is best before it becomes late.

Source: modernghana.com (Samiullah Adams)

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